Suggestions for developmental age appropriate toys

Toys For Birth to 5 Month Olds Rattles Squeeze toys Large rings Activity gyms Plush animals Interactive play mats Black and white books Wind chimes Toys with mirrors Mobiles Toys For 6 to 11 month old babies Xylophones Stacking toys Wooden puzzles Baby blocks Musical toys Teething toys Activity tables Play phones Pretend kitchenware Play … Continue reading Suggestions for developmental age appropriate toys

Understanding and Rocking your IEP!

Bare Bones of IEP: Rock that IEP Meeting: Introductory Text: October is here and with it comes Halloween! How appropriate to pair the month of scary things with the IEP!! The entire IEP process can be daunting, confusing, and certainly scary. In the spirit of Halloween, I've used a skeleton to strip the IEP process … Continue reading Understanding and Rocking your IEP!