The Heart of TTP

Dawn 2
Dawn and her children Easter 2008, the year the strategic plan was written.

In bible study last night, one of my friends asked if any of us had difficulty talking about our faith at work. At first I thought what a strange question because at The Therapy Place, we are always thanking God, praying, blessing our meals and sharing our stories of faith here at work. Then I remembered that this was strange to me because our workplace is one of the exceptions, being a private facility. Throughout TTP, we have painted the walls with words of faith to remind us from where our strength comes, posted pictures, poems and scriptures to share what this place means to us and why we love what we do here.

While TTP is a business, and we have to make money to pay the bills, each of our staff enters the doors each morning  more importantly hoping to make a difference in the life of a child.
Everyone hired was told the story of our humble beginnings. Two moms who knew Columbia needed to do more for our children with special needs and set out to do so against all odds. Only by the grace of God did the vision become a reality. Our original business plan was a list of what we thought should be and very little about how we expected to get there, and then there was our trust in God. And that proved to be enough. Time and time again.
 We know that education, skills and experience, while necessary here in our earthly roles, only take us so far. We thank God every day for the gifts He has provided through unexpected donations, happy “coincidences” and willing volunteers.
So many of us parents did not even know the meaning of the diagnosis we now talk about on a daily basis, and we could certainly choose to stay angry and isolated over what it has done to our family.
But I truly believe that we are all the lucky ones, the ones who are living richer lives because of the new perspective we have on life, the relationships we have grown with people we would have never met and the priorities we have rearranged to live more meaningful lives.
If you are reading this, I’m hoping that means The Therapy Place is special to you and I pray that you are feeling God’s love through our walls. We are thankful we are able to share our faith as it gets us all through the triumphs and difficult times. God bless you!

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