Erin Maltba, MS, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

A child uses his mouth for many things-communication, eating/drinking, exploring new objects and even calming! One of the first ways a child learns to self soothe and calm is through sucking (on a pacifier, thumb, bottle) and oral input, as they receive deep pressure input in a rhythmical manner which is calming and organizing. As a child grows and develops, self-regulation continues to evolve and progress, but for some children oral stimulation remains one of the main ways to assist with this process. As sucking on a pacifier/bottle is no longer an appropriate or available way to gain this stimulation the child may seek this input in other ways, such as chewing on shirts/hair, putting everything in their mouth, biting themselves or others and licking non-edible objects. For those kids seeking oral input Chewlery is a great therapeutic tool.

Chewlery is specifically designed necklaces, bracelets and pendants the child can wear at all times to safely and efficiently get the oral stimulation they are looking for in an appropriate and fashionable manner. The pieces are made of medical grade plastic that are designed in various strengths to withstand even the strongest chewer. Here are a couple benefits to Chewelry:

  • Availability– As it is meant to be worn all the times the child will always have access to it and they can be easily redirected towards it needed, decreasing mouthing/chewing on inappropriate objects
  • Adaptabililty-You can find pieces that come in various strengths to adapt to even the strongest chewer -if you have a child who seeks a lot of input and is an excessive chewer you will want to look for a piece with a stronger material that can withstand this. If your child just needs to have, something in their mouth a softer material may be right for them.
  • Functionality/Design- Chewlery comes in necklaces, bracelets and pendants giving you the option of its placement. So if your child tends to mouth/chew their hands or something they are holding a bracelet may be more beneficial than a necklace. If chewing on collars or hair is the problem a necklace design may be the answer.
  • Comfort/Size- if you have a small child or an excessive chewer a design with larger pieces or one solid piece will be safer than a piece that has smaller components.
  • Fashion-Chewlery comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs- so don’t let the name fool you…there are plenty of options available for both girls AND boys


Chewlery can be found through the following resources:

Ark Therapeutic

National Autism Resources

Sensory Kid Store


…and many more

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